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A Certain Scientific Railgun: 1x10

Silent Majority

Ruiko uses the Level Upper on herself and her friends and is happy to have an ability. Meanwhile Kuroko takes care of more offenders, gaining more injuries in the process, keeping them from Mikoto. Remembering when they ate shaved ice, Mikoto and Kuroko come to the conclusion that the Level Upper is using synesthesia to manipulate brainwaves. Ruiko’s friends start falling unconscious, and blames herself for it. Kazari reassures her that she will wake up soon, later finding her unconscious at her apartment. Mikoto and Kuroko learn from a frog-faced doctor that the Level Upper victims seem to share a brainwave pattern with someone, which they soon discover is Harumi. Kazari, who had visited Harumi and discovered some notes on synesthesia, is taken hostage by her. Noticing Kuroko’s injuries, Mikoto heads there by herself.

A Certain Scientific Railgun: 1×10
Dec. 04, 2009
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