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A Certain Scientific Railgun: 1x14

Special Training

Whilst everyone else gets a day off, Ruiko has to attend a special class for those who were affected by Level Upper. After a lecture by Komoe Tsukuyomi (Tōma’s teacher from Index), Ruiko runs into Miho, who had been exchanging letters with Ruiko since they met, who shares her bento with her. After lunch, teacher and AntiSkill member Aiho Yomikawa holds a marathon session, teaching students to surpass their limits. When one of the students, the female gang leader Mikoto previously fought, complains that this is some form of punishment, Ruiko stands up to her. During the second lecture, Ruiko remembers the kind words and advice her friends have given her and understands what the lessons were about. The students take another ability test, and whilst Ruiko is still a level 0, she is encouraged to keep trying. After receiving a letter from Miho, she returns to her friends.

A Certain Scientific Railgun: 1×14
Jan. 08, 2010
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