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Jungle Junction: 1x15

Sap Trap

Bungo puts up a sign to warn the wheelers that tree sap is on the road. Ellyvan has loads of packages to delviver and Ellyvan nearly gets stuck in sap. Sap drops from the tree onto the spot where Bungo is standing. He gets stuck and Zooter tries to help him get out of there, she gets stuck too. The sap will harden when the sun hits it and the sun is near to hiting the sap. Bobby tries to help Bungo and Zooter get out of the sap, but he gets stuck too. Ellyvan is heading for Bobby’s firestation. Bobby is not there. Ellyvan countinues on his deliveries. Bobby says that the pip-pip fruit juice will get the wheelers out of the sap. Ellyvan passes and doesn’t notice but the Beetlebugs and Hippobus pass, they notice and get stuck too. Ellyvan drops by Toadhog’s and is not there, he passes the sap and does not notice. Sap drops on Toadhog and he gets stuck too. Dozer passes them and notices, he tries to get them out. Toadhog’s tongue gets stuck and so does Dozer. Ellyvan stops by Miss Jolly’s and they both go to find the Beetlebugs, they find them stuck in the sap and get the pip-pip juice to get them out of the sap. Ellyvan sprays pip-pip juice over the sap and the wheelers get unstuck, so does Toadhog’s tongue. Bungo puts up loads of signs to stop people stepping in the sap again.

Oct. 13, 2009
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