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Jungle Junction: 1x16

River Race Rescue

The Wheelers of Jungle Junction hold a boat contest, and Ellyvan, Zooter, Crocker, Bungo, Bobby and the Beetlebugs competed. When the race started, Miss Jolly said that no-one should be in the boat or touching the boat. Meanwhile, later Miss Jolly spots Green Beetlebug in the Beetlebugs boat, ‘Rainbow Racer’ and the wheelers try to get him out before the boats reach the waterfall. When they try to get the Beetlebug out of the boat, Zooter has an idea to blow the boats, so they go together and the Beetlebugs boat stops behind them. The idea works and the Beetlebug gets out of the boat, before the Beetlebugs boat falls down the waterfall(finish line) and wins the race.

Oct. 13, 2009
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